Affiliate Program

Do you have a website, blog or large network of people interested in learning Spanish and you would like to earn easy money mentioning our product?  Through our affiliate program DashboardSpanish offers 50% commission on product purchases made by people referred by you.

1. What does it mean to be an affiliate partner?
Being an affiliate partner means that you get paid when someone purchases our product after you mention us / promote our product on your website, blog, social media, e-mail and/or word-of-mouth.

When someone believes in a product and has benefited from it the natural response is to tell others about it. Through our affiliate program you can share the love for a Spanish learning program that you trust and also enjoy the 50% commission whenever a person you told about us makes a purchase.

2. Why do we offer a massive 50% commission?
The answer is simple: We want you to be as motivated as possible to spread the word about our product so we can help and reach as many people as possible. You bring our product to the attention of a new user and we do the rest: a perfect 50-50 partnership.

3. How does it work?
It only takes about 10 seconds to sign up as an affiliate member in our automated system. After your sign-up process is complete and is accepted you have access to your ‘affiliate links’. This link send your referrals to our site as usual ( but contains a special code in it to let the system know that the user visited our site because of you (example: ).

Whenever a person you referred to our site makes a purchase the system recognizes it and automatically adds 50% of the total shopping cart value to your affiliate account. Even if they don’t become a paid member right away but 30 days later you still get your 50% commission.

4. How to get started?
Register as an affiliate here and once you have filled out and submitted the registration form we will review your affiliate application within 24 hours. If you run into any issues please contact us here.